Is a power brake booster in Dodge Intrepid can.

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 175,000 MILES
Is a power brake booster in Dodge Intrepid can be fixed myself? I know the basic around vehicles and I do have some knowledge to fixed them but not intensive. How much will it cost me to buy a used is brake booster easy to fixed to do it myself?

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Thursday, January 24th, 2013 AT 1:47 PM

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1. Remove¬ battery¬ ground¬ cable¬ from¬ ground¬ stud.¬ Correctly¬ isolate¬ ground¬ cable¬ by¬ installing¬ cable¬ isolator¬ onto¬ ground¬ stud.
2. Remove¬ both¬ wiper¬ arm¬ assemblies¬ from¬ pivot¬ by¬ removing¬ nuts, ¬ and¬ then¬ rocking¬ arm¬ back¬ and¬ forth.¬ Remove¬ cowl¬ panel¬ cover¬ to¬ expose¬ windshield¬ wiper¬ module.¬ Remove¬ windshield¬ wiper¬ module to body
bolts.¬ Remove¬ windshield¬ wiper¬ module.
3. Disconnect¬ wire¬ connector¬ from¬ brake¬ fluid¬ level¬ sensor¬ on¬ right¬ side¬ of¬ master¬ cylinder¬ reservoir.
4. Remove¬ nuts¬ and¬ carefully¬ slide¬ master¬ cylinder¬ from¬ power¬ brake¬ booster¬ with¬ brakelines¬ attached, ¬ and¬ allow¬ assembly¬ to¬ rest¬ against¬ left¬ shock¬ tower.
5. Disconnect¬ vacuum¬ hoses¬ from¬ check¬ valve¬ on¬ power¬ brake¬ booster.¬ DO¬ NOT¬ remove¬ check¬ valve¬ from¬ power¬ brake¬ booster.
6. Remove¬ power¬ brake¬ booster¬ rod to brake¬ pedal¬ pin¬ retaining¬ clip¬ by¬ positioning¬ small¬ screwdriver¬ between¬ center¬ tang¬ on¬ retaining¬ clip.¬ Rotate¬ screwdriver¬ enough¬ to¬ allow¬ retaining¬ clip¬ center¬ tang¬ to¬ pass¬ over
end¬ of¬ brake¬ pedal¬ pin.¬ Pull¬ retaining¬ clip¬ from¬ brake¬ pedal¬ pin.¬ Discard¬ pedal¬ pin¬ retaining¬ clip.¬ Disconnect¬ brake¬ booster¬ rod¬ from¬ brake¬ pedal¬ pin.

CAUTION: DO¬ NOT¬ attempt¬ to¬ disassemble¬ power¬ brake¬ booster.¬ Power¬ brake¬ booster¬ is¬ serviced¬ only¬ as¬ complete¬ unit.

7. Remove¬ power¬ brake¬ booster to dash¬ panel¬ nuts¬ located¬ below¬ dash¬ panel, ¬ near¬ steering¬ column¬ and¬ brake¬ pedal¬ bracket.¬ Slide¬ brake¬ booster¬ out¬ of¬ dash¬ panel¬ and¬ remove¬ from¬ vehicle.


To¬ install, ¬ reverse¬ removal¬ procedure.¬ Use¬ NEW¬ pedal¬ pin¬ retaining¬ clip.¬ Coat¬ bearing¬ surface¬ of¬ brake¬ pedal¬ pin¬ with¬ grease¬ before¬ installing¬ brake¬ booster¬ rod¬ on¬ brake¬ pedal¬ pin.¬ Tighten¬ all¬ fasteners¬ to¬ specification.
See TORQUE¬ SPECIFICATIONS¬.¬ Check¬ stoplight¬ operation.¬ It¬ may¬ be¬ necessary¬ to¬ adjust¬ stoplight¬ switch.¬ See STOPLIGHT¬ SWITCH¬ under¬ ADJUSTMENTS.
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Thursday, January 24th, 2013 AT 2:44 PM

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