I have two problems, one is weather stripping.

  • 2000 CHEVROLET S-10
  • 135,000 MILES
I have two problems, one is weather stripping on driver side widow does not keep wind out and sometimes allows water. Where can I get new weather stripping.

Emergency brake and ABS lights come on with the emergency brakes off.
Friday, November 16th, 2012 AT 1:04 AM

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The ABS light is in response to a problem in the base brake system. It is shut off because the computer doesn't know if it can run the system properly. Start by checking the fluid level in the reservoir. Low level will turn on the red warning light if it has that feature. Don't fill it all the way. Low level is caused by an external leak or the front brake pads are worn and in need of an inspection. With new pads, the fluid level will go back up. That's why we never fill the brake fluid during other routine service, such as oil changes. A failure in one of the two hydraulic systems will cause a difference in fluid pressure and will also turn on the red light.

If the weatherstrip around the door frame is not chewed up or split, you can cut a slot and slide in a piece of vacuum hose to bulk up the hollow foam. A piece of wire inside where it slides onto the sheet metal will hold it closer to the door. For window weatherstrip, it's usually a misadjustment of the glass. Can you describe exactly where it's leaking and how it seals?
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Friday, November 16th, 2012 AT 5:20 AM

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