I recently purchased this vehicle from a private.

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I recently purchased this vehicle from a private party approximately 6 months ago. During the past 6 months the vehicle has been in storage, being started every so often. Having sold our old car, we finally put this car on the road approximately 2 weeks ago. During that time we noticed a couple of times when you'd go to start the car and the key would do absolutely nothing. Turning the key in the ignition simply wouldn't do anything. We'd try it again right away and it would start right up. One morning the vehicle was started and driven approximately one mile. After about four hours of sitting (with the key out of the ignition and no lights left on) the car was completely dead. Keep in mind that the previous owner had just installed a new battery prior to selling it to us. Therefore the battery was brand new. It appears something is draining the battery. We jump started the vehicle and nothing happened. Lights would come on (exterior & interior) and it would just 'click' when the key was turned over to the start position. We tried charging the battery and the same thing happened. We noticed as it was left on the charger the digital miles would appear and shut off after 10 seconds once the door was shut. There also seems to be noise in the steering column after turning the key and there is noise from the fuse box located under the rear seat next to the battery. Is it a starter issue? Electrical? A starter shouldn't drain the battery though. The lights seems to flicker and flash. We also moved the car into neutral, drive, reverse, but nothing helped. We also tapped on the bottom of the starter, again. Nothing.

Confused and hoping you can help,

Thank you.
Monday, November 26th, 2012 AT 9:59 PM

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Need more information, engine size, sounds like the system has a drain on it, now as to the cause, these are sometimes very hard to trace down. I would check to make sure no interior lights are on after taking the key out, trunk, glove box door lights, chimes. This may be better left to a profesional mechanic. Thanks for using2CarPros Also have your alt. Checked by a shop. Thanks
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Monday, November 26th, 2012 AT 10:08 PM

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