1999 Pontiac Grand Am



August, 7, 2011 AT 6:30 PM

I have a 1999 ponitac grand AM SE with a V6 engine (automatic). We was looking under the hood for the transmission fluid dipstick and we cant find it any where. I know it should be red. The only dipstick we can find is a yellow one and it says engine oil on it.
I have been doing research on the internet and I have read that some grand am SE's dont have one. Can you please tell me if it has one and where its located. Becuase if it has one, We dont know where its located at. And we have looked everywhere.

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September, 16, 2011 AT 2:51 AM

It is a challenging procedure to check the fluid. It must be done at a particular temperature. There is a plug on the transmission that is removed and when the fluid doesn't run out, it is full. The level will change however depending on the temperature of the fluid.

There is a 7/16 plug on the transmission case you have to be under the car to see it. It is located on the backside near the right axel. You take it out and put in transmission fluid till it comes out the plug hole. The fill plug is accesed from engine compartment, you will need a long funel to fill.

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