How to remove rack and pininion

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How to remove rack and pininion

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 AT 5:28 PM

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1. Remove air cleaner. Remove dust boot from steering gear. Remove pinch bolt at intermediate shaft. Separate intermediate shaft from steering gear pinion shaft.
2. Disconnect hydraulic lines at steering gear. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel and tire assembly. Remove cotter pin and nut at steering knuckle. Using Steering Linkage Remover (J 24319 01), separate tie
rod end from steering knuckle.
3. Remove remaining brackets and clips on crossmember. Support body using jackstands. Support frame using jack. Remove rear frame to body bolts and discard.
4. Disconnect stabilizer bar from lower control arm. Lower rear of frame about 5" (127 mm). DO NOT lower rear of frame too far or engine components will be damaged by contacting the cowl.
5. Remove steering gear mounting bolts and nuts. Remove steering gear through left wheel opening.

I have found the first step in this procedure somewhat mixed up and incomplete. The GM TSB for Power Steering Gear Lower Pinion Bearing Separation was more helpful for
starting the removal procedure. I couldn't see how removing the air cleaner would be of any benefit. Then went straight to removing the under dash board cover, pulling back the
top of the steering column upper dust boot, and removing the pinch bolt holding the intermediate steering shaft to the bottom of the steering column. After you have disconnected
the tie rods, lowered the sub frame, disconnected the fluid lines, removed the heat shield, and steering gear to sub frame bolts? Remove the steering gear, intermediate
steering shaft, and lower dust boot as an assembly. When transferring over the intermediate shaft and lower dust boot to the new unit, it gives you a good opportunity to lubricate
the intermediate steering shaft which has been the cause of noises in many GM TSBs. After reinstalling the steering gear, the related parts, and are starting to raise the sub
frame back up? Make sure the intermediate steering shaft and lower dust boot slip inside the upper dust boot.

Application Ft. Lbs. (N.M)
Adjuster Plug Lock Nut 50 (68)
Frame To Body Bolts (1) 103 (140)
Inner Tie Rod 74 (100)
Intermediate Shaft Pinch Bolts 33 (45)
Lines To Steering Gear 20 (27)
"O" Ring Union Fitting 55 (75)
Pinion Shaft Lock Nut 22 (30)
Steering Gear Mounting Bolts 59 (80)
Steering Pump Mounting Bolts 25 (34)
Tie Rod End Lock Nut 50 (68)
Tie Rod To Steering Knuckle Nut (2)
(1) Use NEW bolt. DO NOT reuse bolts.

(2) Torque fasterner to 22 ft. Lbs. (30 N.M) then turn an additional 2 flats (120 ). Maximum torque to align cotter key hole is 52 ft. Lbs. (71 N.M).
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