1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue



August, 23, 2012 AT 1:47 AM

This could get lengthy.

My daughter was driving her car the other day. (The weather was rainy.) She was about twenty minutes into her journey and the "check engine soon", "Traction, " and "ABS" lights all came on. (She didn't notice any sounds or feelings that were different at the time, but she's not observant.)

So, we take the car to our mechanic (which BTW, no lights came on the next time she started the car). He put it on the computer and everything was fine. He drove it, and checked somethings (not sure what but I'm sure it was easy to check things.) No lights, no indication of any problems on the computer. He did say that her front tires were almost bald.

So, the next time she drives the car to college (30 minute drive) and she has no problem. However, on the way home, she stopped at a light and when she tried to accelerate the car wouldn't accelerate. (She said it felt like her old vehicle did when the timing chain broke. Without and noise or thud. Just the not accelerating.) She pulled off the road, shut the car off, turned the car back on, and there was not any light. So she tried to drive and had no problem the rest of the way home. (She had driven through a wet area, but it was not raining or wet when the car started acting up.)

We can't afford hit and miss repairs (which my mechanic would not do, but he did not find anything wrong.) My question is, obviously, "What is wrong?" But, I am wondering if this could all be the result of the low tread on the front tires and wet roads?


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August, 23, 2012 AT 1:55 AM

It wouldn't set off the check engine soon light. There should be at least some history code to the computer. He may not have had an advanced scan tool to read all the computers codes.A basic scan tool can only read obd2 generic engine and transmission codes. If you have codes in the other computers it wont read or see them.



August, 26, 2012 AT 3:49 PM

Thank you. I took it to a different mechanic. They found two codes. The one (I think he said) was connected to the abs. The other was a code that refered to the transmission. He said that either he thought or the code suggested the car went into some "safety" mode to protect the transmission when she was trying to accelerate and was spinning the wheels a bit. But, he said he couldn't find anything actually wrong with it. He didn't charge anything, and said to bring it back if the lights come on or anything else happens.

Yesterday, the lights came on and it felt hard to steer. Anyhow, we took it out to replace the tires, hoping that would solve the problems. But, when she left for work (the roads were a bit wet) she got five minutes from home and the lights came back on. This time no noticeable driving issues.

We do live on a dirt road. The first mechanic said that it could be some of the dirt in the sensors or whatever. I've looked this problem up online and found many cases with people having to "fix" a number of things. And still have the lights on. I can't afford that.

Any ideas?



August, 26, 2012 AT 4:06 PM

I need the exact code numbers not code descriptions. If I get those I can help you a lot better.



August, 29, 2012 AT 12:38 PM

The codes are.
C0550 and p1571


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