Two months ago I went through the car wash and.

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Two months ago I went through the car wash and my ebrake and battery lights started flashing intermittently heater blower losses strength when I accelerate and the headlights dim. Started idling crappy at a light a week and a half ago and completely died. Got it jumped drove a few miles parked and shut it off and couldn't get it restarted but it had power. Towed it to a shop they said my security system was engaged and they couldn't do anything. Towed it to the dealer they said it was my engine control module and they replaced it $1000 later. Picked it up yesterday and it died on my drive home. The battery and ebrake lights were flashing and my airbag light went on the heater blower was losing power and the entire dash was dim. The car made a real bad knocking sound then completely lost power. Had it jumped and it will run but I'm scared to drive it. I've spent almost $1300 to fix it and have gotten nowhere. I have replaced the alternator battery egr valve and starter all in the past 7 months.

Sunday, January 20th, 2013 AT 3:05 AM

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Alternator sounds like it has failed. All your issues revolve around low voltage. The car wash got water into the alternator and shorted it out from the sounds of it


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Sunday, January 20th, 2013 AT 3:44 AM

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