1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee



November, 10, 2011 AT 5:52 PM

The Air Bag ligkt stays on when you look at the dash all the time, how do I get it to go away.

Thanks Dave

2 Answers



November, 10, 2011 AT 6:20 PM

There will be at least one diagnostic fault code stored in the Air Bag Computer that will lead you to the circuit or system that needs to be diagnosed. Once repaired and the code is erased, the light will turn off.

The most common cause of the light turning on is a broken clock spring. That's a wound-up ribbon cable in a plastic housing under the steering wheel. As it continues to break, the horn and cruise control will stop working too. The air bag fault code will be related to an open "squib" or open initiator wire.



November, 10, 2011 AT 6:32 PM

Its all connected to the seat belts. Check the wire going to the seat belt make sure its not broken or pulled out of place? Most seat belts are warrented for life most dealers will take care of this at no cost to the owner whether you bought it new or used call your dealership & ask ! I do know from previous knowledge that honda vehichles are covered. So I would think all vehicles seat belts are covered the same I dont know that about a jeep but I would assume they are all the same its a saftey thing try it & see never hurts to ask? If you have? Email me at billyquarter@frontier. Com

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