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August, 7, 2012 AT 7:10 PM

Ok first of all, It has a used rebuilt motor put in from a 1996 GMC Jimmy, same engine size 4.3 v6 2 wheel drive vortec. The person who did the job did a Bad job. Anyways once we got it running it ran ok then one day driving home it just died no warning signs or nothing. It had to sit a while before starting back up. After that, everytime we started it it would run for a few minutes at Idle then just die and took a few to start again, at a couple time engine oil would come out of the bottom during it idleing. Bought a new Distributer, put in and same thing. A couple people said the Fuel pump was not working so we put in a New Fuel pump (#2), and new fuel filter. While doing this they said I needed a new Water pump so we took out the old and started to put on the new and seen that a bolt on the timing chain cover was broke off so we took the cover off and fixed that, but while it was off I noticed in the repair manual that it said to make sure that the crankshaft is positioned in the 6 and 12 oclock position which they were not. They were positioned in the 3 and 12 position, so I moved the top one to the 6 (with chain still on, never took it off) I know, Stupid me, > Put everything back together and fired it up. Started Beautiful and ran Great infact Better then before. Except did not have the get up and go power it should have. Well again after a couple short trips to the store and such it started again, when I come to a stop or corner it died out but this time it does tart RIGHT back up drives alittle then dies again when I slow down. My roommate went and messed with Distributer and timing and now it makes a Loud clunk when I start it and drives about 2 feet then dies where it was driving atleast 1 mile before. Anyways I replaced the Crank shaft position sencor as well. My roomate says it is my Distributer and timing. Because I changed it around on the crankshaft. Yet it was starting up and running better then ever after that. What do you think it is and what should I do? Please help, I have had this piece of crap for almost 2 years and its been broke down for 1year and atleast 9 months out of the 2. I want to fix it and rid of it. Where can I start, at Distributer or what?


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August, 7, 2012 AT 7:41 PM

This is something that is not going to be resolved easily. I would start with the timing chain all over again. As for the distributor, you need a timing light to check the timing, at least you need to get the static timing correct.



August, 8, 2012 AT 6:42 PM

Ok. Now when you say to start with the Timing Chain, What exactly are you meaning for me to do? And as for the Distributor It is one that cannot be Adjusted, it has to be set when installed. So can you still use a timing light on that particular type of Distributor?
If not, what exactly do I need to do to set the timing to where it needs to be? Again its a 4.3 v6 2whl drv.



August, 11, 2012 AT 1:05 AM

Ok first thing first. You say the timing marks on the chain did not line up correct?



August, 11, 2012 AT 8:45 AM

Sorry for the delay in replying as I had some problem with my email and did not recieve any notification and thanks carolinacarconnection for the backup.

Computer controlled ignition timing can still be checked with a timing light. Though you are not able to adjust but it can tell you if there is anything wrong with the timing chain installation, at least between the cam and crankshaft.



August, 11, 2012 AT 7:35 PM

Ok Thanks. Because I am getting confused here. Lwt me tell you where im at now. Ok first of all while I had the Timing cover off I noticed that the dots on the Gears were at the (top) at 3 o'clock and (bottom) 12 o'clock so What I did was Bump the motor until it got to line up as top 6 o'clock and bottom 12 o'clock cause that is what the book said. However I never took the Timing Chain off at all when I did that. Now started the truck and it started Great and ran great infact in my own opinion Better then ever before ok? But still after driving about guess 30+ miles it started with the Stalling thing again No warning or nothing. Just as it did before I did all that. Now the guys are telling me that I should not of done that, that its wrong. So Yesterday we did the finger in #1 spark plug hole and set the marks on the harmonic balancer to line up and put the rotor where its facing the #6 on my Distributor Making it at the Top dead center (i Guess). My Distributor is the one that is marked with a 6 and a for eather 6 or 8 cylinder. So he put it on the 6. Which looking at it from top like a real clock it would be like the 8-9 on a real clock (if that makes sence). AND NOW it dont start at all. We had to replace the starter on it as well, I guess the starter they sold me before was wrong it was for an Izusu. So Im real lost on what to do now. It again is a non adjustable Distributer on a 4.3 ltr v6 2 wheel drive. A Timing light though will tell me if something is wrong with the Timing Chain you said Right? So I will try that now and see what happens. Thank You. If you have ANY other suggestions to help me PLEASE let me know ok? Thanks.



August, 11, 2012 AT 8:30 PM

Ok, at least the picture is clearer now. The timing chain is correct. Most probably the firing order is wrong. Check the diagram.

I do not know which type of distributor you have but you mentioned non adjustable so the second one should be the correct one. Check the procedures.

1. Installation

If engine was cranked after distributor was removed, remove spark plug No. 1. Place finger over cylinder No. 1 spark plug hole. Crank engine slowly until compression is felt. Align timing mark on pulley to "0" on engine timing indicator. Ensure rotor points to cylinder No. 1 spark plug tower on distributor cap. Complete distributor installation. Start engine and check ignition timing.

2. Installation

NOTE: If engine crankshaft has been rotated since HVS was removed, marks made during removal to aide installation are no longer valid. If this condition exists, start installation procedure at Step 4).

1. Align rotor to second mark made during removal. Guide HVS into engine. Ensure rotor rotates approximately 42 degrees during installation. When HVS is completely seated in position ensure rotor aligns with initial mark made during removal.

2. If rotor and mark are not aligned, HVS and camshaft have meshed one or more teeth out of time. Remove HVS and reinstall. Once marks are aligned and HVS is in correct position, position mounting clamp and tighten to 20 ft. Lbs. (27 N.M).

3. Install cap and 3-wire camshaft position sensor connector. Connect spark plug and coil wires. Start engine. If CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on or DTC 1345 is set, go to next step to check or reset
distributor position. If not, installation is correct.

4. Position engine crankshaft at TDC position for No. 1 cylinder. Ensure piston is on compression stroke. Align pre-drilled indent hole in HVS driven gear with arrow cast into upper portion of shaft housing. The rotor should point to the cap hold down mount nearest the flat side of the housing. See Fig. 15.

5. Use a long screwdriver to align oil pump drive shaft position, in engine, with position of HVS drive tab. Guide HVS into place. Ensure locating slot in HVS base is over dowel pin.

6. With HVS fully seated, ensure rotor tip is now aligned with pointer cast into HVS base. See Fig. 15. Pointer has a "6" cast into it (to indicate unit is for a 6-cylinder engine). If rotor and pointer are not closely aligned (within a few degrees), HVS may be out of time by a tooth. Repeat installation procedure.

7. Once marks are aligned and HVS is in correct position, position mounting clamp and tighten to 20 ft. Lbs. (27 N.M). Install cap and 3-wire camshaft position sensor connector. Connect spark plug and coil wires.

8. Start engine. If CHECK ENGINE LIGHT is on or DTC 1345 is set, check distributor position and installation procedure.

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