1999 Ford Escort



March, 24, 2013 AT 6:31 PM

The car is stuck in park. Have break lights. Have the little hole on the gear shift. Car starts and runs. Used a hanger to release the micro switch, this worked for a while now it's not working.
Any other ideas?
How can I remover the center conceal around the shifter so I can get to the micro switch.

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March, 24, 2013 AT 7:09 PM

Move both front seats forward.
Remove the two screws from the parking brake console panel, one o n each side.
Engage the parking brake.
Pull upward and remove the parking brake console panel.
Position both front seats rearward.
Remove the shift console panel screws.
Remove the four pushpins, two on each side.
Place the gearshift lever into the low position.
On vehicles equipped with manual transaxle, remove the gearshift knob.
Remove the beverage holder from the shift console base.
Lift upward and remove the shift console panel.
Place gearshift lever in park position.

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