Intrepid stall and no start no codes

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 35,000 MILES

I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2L Engine (MDH 060904) that is exhibiting the very same symtoms as describe in TSB 18-09-98 Rev B. (My date is suppossedly later) Stalls at hot idle and will not start, crank or jump. When cools down will start as normal. Note: When in no start condition "check engine" lamp will not illuminate for 10 seconds in KOEO. When engine is cool, the "check engine" lamp will immediately illuminate at KOEO like it is supposed to. When I see this I know the engine will start; and it does.

Battery is at 12.7 V and when running charges at 13.8 V. Parasitic draw is 20.25mA. Voltage drop at neg alternator is 0.01V and 0.08V on positive side. I live in Phoenix, AZ and it is hot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark
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Sunday, August 7th, 2011 AT 7:26 PM

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Thank you for response RAZMATAZ.

Since my initial inquuiry the car will no longer crank at all.

Here are some additional fact:

At initial key on , the MIL is supposed to illuminate for 5 seconds as a system/bulb check. It does not. When the car would start intermittently, it was noted that if this light did not initially come on the car would not start. If it did illuminate then it would start.

Now there is a consistent 15 second delay from when key on to when the MIL illuminates and stays on. The car will not crank at all. I can jump the starter and it is fine.

No trouble codes are registered.

All other noticeable electrical is running (eg lights, radio, A/C fan, dome lights, electric locks, etc.)

The Auto Shutdown relay (ASD) does not energize at key on. As a consequence the fuel pump does not prime (I can not hear it hum)and ignition components are alledgedly not sent power.

*** Why does the ASD not get energized by the PCM? This is the first question that I am trying to answered.

I am aware that if the PCM does not get expected input from the camshaft sensor and the crankcase sensor, it will shutdown the ASD and fuel pump relays.

Trouble shooting facts

* Good Battery and the perisitic discharge is well within specification.

* The PCM was professionally tested and assessed as being good. I had myself convinced that the internal logic in the PCM was probably not working (bad solder joint or whatever.) This apparently was not the case. I sent the unit off for "repair" and have the exact same syptoms upon its return.

* The power to the PCM connector (pin 46 (always) and 20 (only when key on) ) are getting 12 volts.

* The grounds from the PCM connector (pins 10, 47, 50) are good.

* 12 volts at ASD relay connector pins 30 (B - battery) and 86
When ASD is not activated SSR and INJ/Coil fuses have no power. I shorted pin D and B on the ASD and got power to these two fuses but the car would still not start.

* Power at Fuse box

When key off no power at fuse 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 22, 23 (.05v on fuses 4 and 5)

When key on no power at 2, 3, 10, 11, 12

** The 5 volt supply that the PCM sends (from pin 61) to the MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure) is not at the sensor connection. Is this signal shorted or just not sent? It also is supposed to go to the Engine Coolent (ECT), Intake Air Tem (IAT) and Throttle Position (TPS) sensors (I'm assuming that it is not there either.

** The 8 volt supply that the PCM sends (from pin 44) to the Camshaft sensor is not at the sensor connection either. It is also supposed to supply the Crankcase sensor and the Vehicle Speed sensor.

Camshaft sensor wires:
orange 8 volt supply from PCM pin 44 Should read 8 volts with key on - IT DOES NOT have any votage
black/lt blue - goes to sensor ground on PCM pin 43 it measures 0.1 ohm to chassis ground
tan/yellow - goes to PCM pin 33 CMP sensor signal Should read 5 volts with key on IT DOES NOT have any voltage. Why should this show 5 volts with the connector disconnnected?

The 2 big questions to me are 1) what is the 15 second delay at the MIL indicating and 2) why no reference voltages at the sensors?

Thank you for your time.
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Monday, September 12th, 2011 AT 7:23 PM

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