1999 Dodge Durango AC problems

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Hello I brought a 1999 dodge durango and the heat works fine but the AC is blowing out hot air and don't blow out the from vents. I brought some antifreeze yesterday and It got a little cool but than right back warm again lastnight and than this morning it was a little cool again what can be the problem or what can be done for the AC to work cause its extremely hot in Virginia.

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Friday, July 19th, 2013 AT 11:51 AM

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Antifreeze has nothing to do with the air conditioning system. The first thing your mechanic will do is attach a pair of gauges to the system to see if it is fully charged with refrigerant. If it is just low on charge, recharging it with the correct amount may be all that's needed. If it's empty there is most likely a leak that needs to be identified.

If the air flow doesn't switch to different outlets, you may have a vacuum operated system and there's a break in the vacuum hose under the hood, or it could be disconnected. Look on the vacuum hose routing diagram under the hood to find that small hard plastic hose and the check valve. Check it for leaks first, then pull the hose off the valve and check for vacuum there with the engine running.

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Friday, July 19th, 2013 AT 12:27 PM

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