99 Dodge Dakota intake

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 172,324 MILES
How dose the stock intake go on?
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Install the plenum pan, if removed, as follows:
Turn the intake manifold upside down. Support the manifold.
Place a new plenum pan gasket onto the seal rail of the intake manifold. Position the pan over the gasket. Align all the gasket and pan holes with the intake manifold.
Hand start all bolts.
Plenum Pan Bolt Tightening Sequence
Tighten the bolts, in sequence, as follows:
Step 1-Tighten bolts to 2.7 Nm (24 inch lbs.) Torque.
Step 2-Tighten bolts to 5.4 Nm (48 inch lbs.) Torque.
Step 3-Tighten bolts to 9.5 Nm (84 inch lbs.) Torque.
Step 4-Check that all bolts are tightened to 9.5 Nm (84 inch lbs.) Torque.
Using a new gasket, install the throttle body onto the intake manifold. Tighten the bolts to 23 Nm (200 inch lbs.) Torque.
Place the 4 plastic locator dowels into the holes in the block.
Apply a bead of Mopar(R) Silicone Rubber Adhesive Sealant, or equivalent, to the four corner joints. The sealant bead height should be slightly higher than the cross-over gaskets, approximately 5 mm (0.2 inch). An excessive amount of sealant is not required to ensure a leak proof seal, and an excessive amount of sealant may reduce the effectiveness of the flange gasket.
Cross-Over Gaskets And Locator Dowels

Install the front and rear cross-over gaskets onto the dowels.
Intake Manifold Flange Gasket Alignment

Install the flange gaskets. Ensure that the vertical port alignment tab is resting on the deck face of the block. Also the horizontal alignment tabs must be in position with the mating cylinder head gasket tabs. The words MANIFOLD SIDE should be visible on the center of each flange gasket.
Carefully lower intake manifold into position on the cylinder block and cylinder heads. Long studs at the front and rear of the manifold will help to align the intake manifold. After intake manifold is in place, inspect to make sure seals are in place. Remove alignment studs if used.
Intake Manifold Bolt Tightening Sequence-3.9L Engines

The following torque sequence duplicates the expected results of the automated assembly system.
Step 1-Tighten bolts 1 and 2 to 8 Nm (72 inch lbs.) Torque. Tighten in alternating steps 1.4 Nm (12 inch lbs.) Torque at a time.
Step 2-Tighten bolts 3 thru 12, in sequence, to 8 Nm (72 inch lbs.) Torque.
Step 3-Check that all bolts are tightened to 8 Nm (72 inch lbs.) Torque.
Step 4-Tighten all bolts, in sequence, to 16 Nm (12 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
Step 5-Check that all bolts are tightened to 16 Nm (12 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
Install closed crankcase ventilation and evaporation control systems.
Install the coil wires.
Connect the coolant temperature sending unit wire.
Connect the heater hoses and bypass hose.
Install distributor cap and wires.
Connect the accelerator linkage and, if so equipped, the speed control and transmission kickdown cables.
Install the fuel supply line to the fuel rail.
Install the generator and accessory drive belt. Tighten generator mounting bolt to 41 Nm (30 ft. Lbs.) Torque.
Install the air cleaner.
Fill cooling system (refer to Cooling System for the proper procedure).
Connect the battery negative cable.
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