Daewoo Lanos transmission

  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 98,000 MILES
How to drain the fluid from transmission and how to check level because the top filler port cap has no dip stick, if possible tell me how to do a complete flush, need help! Im frustrated. This car is just hard to find info on. Please help!
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Transmission fluid draining and refilling.

1. Raise and support vehicle. Place drain pan under transaxle oil pan. Remove oil pan bolts from front and side. Loosen rear transaxle oil pan bolts about 4 turns each.

2. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry pan loose. Allow fluid to drain. Remove bolts, and remove oil pan. Remove and discard old pan gasket, if reusable-type gasket is not used. Remove filter and "O" ring or sleeve-type seal. Remove any remaining gasket material on transaxle case.

3. Thoroughly clean pan, magnet and screen (if metal) with solvent, and then dry using compressed air. Replace filter and seal. Lubricate with clean fluid before installation.

4. Install filter assembly into filter pick-up tube recess. Install oil pan and gasket. Use NEW pan gasket if transaxle is not equipped with reusable-type gasket. Tighten pan bolts to specification.

5. Fill transaxle to proper level. (6.9 qts (6.5 L). Lower vehicle and start engine. Allow engine to idle until transmission fluid reaches 104 F (20 C). Depress brake pedal and shift gear selector through all gear ranges, pausing a few seconds in each range. Place gear selector lever in "P" position.

CAUTION:In this step, engine MUST be running when transaxle oil check plug is removed or excessive fluid loss will occur. Stand clear when removing oil check plug. DO NOT turn engine off with oil check plug removed.

6. With engine running, raise vehicle and remove transaxle oil check plug. Add fluid in increments of 1 pint (.5L) until fluid drains from oil check hole. Install oil check plug.

Checking fluid level.

1. Fluid level must be checked with transaxle temperature of at least 104 F (40 C). To obtain proper temperature, run engine at idle for 3-5 minutes. Shift through each gear range, holding in each range for 3 seconds.

2. Place gear selector in "P" position. Leave engine running. Raise and support vehicle. Place oil drain pan below oil check plug. Oil check plug is located in center of transaxle above pan rail, on torque converter side. See Fig. 2. Remove oil check plug.

3. Oil level should be even with bottom of oil check plug hole. If fluid does not drain from hole, add fluid until fluid starts to pour from hole. Tighten oil check plug to 106 INCH lbs. (12 N.M).
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