1999 Citroen C4



May, 9, 2012 AT 9:00 AM

I am looking at buying either xcardiag Can OBD2 code reader ($189), or the cheaper one, that gives you a booklet to look up the codes meaning ($89.99). Any comments?

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May, 9, 2012 AT 9:06 AM

'99 models don't use the CAN buss system. Many auto parts stores will read codes for you for free. If you want something of your own, consider buying a used full scanner that displays live data and will access much more than just the engine computer. A code reader is like having written directions to your destination but not to get back home. A scanner is like having a map showing every road and highway in the nation.



May, 10, 2012 AT 1:37 AM

You must be not professional, nowadays you can find many kind of diagnostic tool on the online shop, and some of them are professional and the price is cheaper than the real shop, I can tell you where I buy the tool from most often is the xcardiag, and the following is what you want, perfect for you.
Nissan Consult 3 is a professional diagnostic tool for almost all Nissan car model from different regions including Japan, North America, Europe. Nissan Consult 3 is equipped with various function including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire system or data recorder.



May, 10, 2012 AT 2:18 AM

If the cheaper models did everything mechanics needed them to do, they would buy them. The model selected depends on the needs of the owner, but for $189.00 all you're going to get is a code reader. If all you care about is getting fault codes, don't waste your money on features you don't understand and won't use.



May, 10, 2012 AT 6:30 AM

I actually use a cheaper one I picked up from Mac tools that sells for $60 that I use as a professional. I like that xcardiag as a pro tech but unless you really read the book and use the tool to it's limit. I think a cheaper scanner may be better for a xcardiag who's just looking to check and clear codes.
The codes are also in many places online, including the manufacturer codes that these tools read but can't display what they are as each manufacturer may call the code a different name.
CAN means CAN network. Or basically think of the first odbII information being sent to the scan tool and between modules as dial up. Can is like say DSL. It's quicker but a lot of the test tools can't pick up this higher speed info and most cars started around 2003 using the newer Network speeds.
Depending upon how educated you want to get on diagnosis using a scan tool. Id say the xcardiag may be a little more advanced than the normal may need. As my $60 MAC tools one can basically do what the xcardiag does but is harder to use than their tool. That and this xcardiag basically has the video to teach the DIY about OBDII whereas mine is aimed as a cheap scan tool for professionals.
The freeze frame is what I use as a pro tech with the code. It tells me what was happening when the code set and why. If you educate yourself. A cheap scan tool like this is great and you can diagnose most OBD II issues.
So depending upon your willingness to learn about OBDII and how much you gonna work on vehicles, should help the decision better.

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