1999 Chrysler Town and Country



July, 14, 2011 AT 1:14 PM

How to remove power steering pump from 1999 Chrysler Town n Country. 3.8 w/ AWD.


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October, 9, 2011 AT 5:05 AM

Removal procedures: Disconnect and isolate negative battery cable. Using suction or siphon device, remove as much fluid as possible from remote power steering fluid reservoir. Remove support strut-to-engine nut and bolt.
Raise and support vehicle. Disconnect oxygen sensor harness from vehicle wiring harness. Connector is located through access hole in floor of vehicle. Remove catalytic converter and portions of exhaust system sufficient to allow clearance for power steering pump removal. Move and secure remaining exhaust system components as far rearward and to left side of vehicle as possible.
Raise heat shield on return hose and disconnect hose-to-tube clamp. Disconnect hose. Allow remaining fluid in pump and reservoir to drain into drain pan. Remove accessory drive splash shield. Disconnect pressure hose and supply hose. Remove return hose from pump. Drain excess fluid from hoses.
Remove support bracket attaching pump to rear of engine. Loosen 3 bolts attaching pump to generator/power steering pump and belt tensioner mounting bracket. Remove pump from its bracket. Remove pump through exhaust tunnel area of floor pan.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Ensure "O" ring at end of high pressure fitting (if equipped) is replaced before connecting fitting to power steering pump. Fill and bleed system. See HYDRAULIC SYSTEM BLEEDING under LUBRICATION.

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