1999 Chevrolet Blazer Electrical?

  • 152,000 MILES
I have had some issues starting the vehicle at times. It seems that I have a drain somewhere, but I do not know. Also, when turning and breaking, the battery gauge will drop some. I did not know if this was related to a battery drain or a different symptom. I think the alternator is fine due to the battery recharging after a jump. I just do not know what causes this. Oh, the air bag light will come on from time to time as well.
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Thursday, October 31st, 2013 AT 1:48 PM

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Are you saying, you have trouble with starter motor cranking? If so, make sure the battery has a full charge. Battery connections clean and tight. If the battery is down take it off and get it charged. Use a digital multimeter and check charging system.

If you suspect a battery drain with everything off, check for the allowable drain, usually around 50 ma, that is.050 not even a tenth of an amp. I'd have to look up the actual drain spec. If drain is excessive, you can pull/replace fuses, one at a time, when you pull the fuse on the problem circuit, the excessive drain goes away. A faulty alternator might let the battery drain?

Can you check for applicable trouble codes. To check codes yourself, at the least, you would need an obd2 code reader. Some of the national brand autostores will check codes for free. They can also, check your battery and charging system.

If your community has national brand autostores they will make house calls. I don't know what charge?
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Thursday, October 31st, 2013 AT 2:33 PM

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