1999 Cadillac Concours Window Switch

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The electric Switch for the driver's window on my 1999 Cadillac Deville Concourse is bad. The window will go down but not up. I have ordered another switch but in the mean time which wires could I jumper to get the window back up?
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 AT 11:47 AM

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Jumping the switch is not a good idea. There will be one wire with 12 volts on it and many others that are grounded. When you activate the switch, ground is removed from one wire to that motor, then the 12 volts is applied to it. That means that any time you activate a switch, there are actually two sets of switch contacts in use. One is released and one gets 12 volts. Either one of those can be arced or burned and making poor contact.

A better alternative is to remove the door trim panel, unplug the two-wire connector from the motor, then switch the two wires or connect them with small jumper wires. Pressing the "Down" switch will make the window go up.

You CAN try jumping the switch, but you have to do that while holding the switch activated, otherwise you'll be jumping 12 volts to a grounded wire. That will pop an auto-resetting circuit breaker that might take up to a minute to reset.

To run the driver's window up, press and hold the switch in the "Up" direction, then jump between the pink wire and the dark blue wire. That's the 12 volt side of the circuit. If that doesn't work, try the ground side of the circuit. For this one you can jump the brown wire to the black wire, or just ground the brown wire. You can do that first since you're just adding a wire across a switch that's already turned on, then press the "Up" switch. If that is the bad part of the switch, the window will go up, but don't press the "Down" switch until that jumper wire is removed.
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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 AT 9:00 PM

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