Whining noise that increases with driving speed

  • 104,100 MILES
My car has recently passed its mot so I cant see what is making this noise it goes louder on speed and when you slow down u can hear the noise going quieter and I dont hear anything on idle Hi there could you help me ive just started to get a whining noise from the back of the car it goes louder as I drive faster do you no what this could be thank you
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Friday, October 28th, 2011 AT 12:38 PM

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There are a few possibilites, some of the more likely ones are;

Abnormally worn tire due to incorrect air pressure, failed strut or other failed suspension component such as bushings or bent control arms.

Failed wheel bearings.

Incorrect suspension alignment, especially, "Total Toe".

Failed strut that has leaked out all of its internal oil.

Wheel bearings don't fail very often. When they do, sometimes they will make more noise when you go around a turn. That is another way to determine if they are bad. Try removing the tire and feeling the wheel bearng out for play, rough feeling when rotated or flat spot when rotated. With the mile age on your car, it is not out of the question.

With worn out tires, it is tires that have worn irregularly that make noise. It is important to rotate and balance tires, most people neglect to do this. Also, suspension alignments and suspension component inspection and replacement is very important. When alginment services are done, failed components are easily found as the suspension will not align if anything is loose or bent.
Doing both of these services when reccomended will actually save money as tires will last %0% longer or more and fuel econy will increase as mis-aligned supension can literally drag a tire, "sideways" down the road. Completely sideways is an exageration, but a mis-aligned tire will get dragged at an angle that is much higher in rolling resitance than the proper angle.

If you have what is called, "Staggered Fit" tires, where the fornt and rear are different sizes, you cannot rotate but balancing and alignment are still important.

Struts that have lost there damping oil or are bent can make noise by themsleves. They will also throw of the alignment or/and the lack of damping will wear the tire abnormally. This abnormal wear agin leads to whining or whirring noises.

While the name of the noise may be different, I believe I have a link to a good diagnostic walk through. It covers everything I have mentioned here plus a few things that are less likely, but you may need it if you eliminate issues and the noise persists.

Here is the link;


I hope this information helps.
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Friday, October 28th, 2011 AT 7:30 PM

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