My car won't start up

  • 78,000 MILES
My car won't start up. I turn the key to the on position and nothing happens - no click indicating the solenoid is engauging, nothing. It started not turning over, and just clicking periodically these past few months, so I've suspected the starter motor going out. So now I'm trying to get to the starter so I can check the connections and clean them if necessary.

I understand it's under the intake manifold, on the drivers side near the radiator. I've been told I need to take off the engine cover to get to it, I've also been told I need to be under the vehicle to get to it. So how do I get to it? From under the car or above it? And if it's from under the car, do I need to remove the engine cover on the top?
Sunday, December 9th, 2012 AT 9:55 PM

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It depends on litre size of engine. I didn't see litre size listed. With the 4.0L engine the starter is under the intake. The battery has a full charge? Battery Connections all clean and tight? I'd check starter wiring circuits before taking anything loose. Any applicable trouble codes, your security system could cause an issue with the starter circuit? For starter wiring, the black cable is hot all the time. The purple wire goes hot with key in the crank position, goes to starter solenoid s terminal.
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Sunday, December 9th, 2012 AT 10:55 PM

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