Rack and pinion steering 1998 Lincoln Continental

  • V8
  • FWD
  • 138,000 MILES
How do I change a rack and pinion steering on a 1998 lincoln continental
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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 AT 8:55 PM

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Here are the procedures.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove instrument panel lower trim cover. Remove steering column lower trim panel. Remove steering column reinforcement panel. Remove steering shaft universal joint pinch bolt.

CAUTION: DO NOT rotate steering wheel when lower column shaft is disconnected. Damage to air bag sliding contact will result.

2. Remove intermediate shaft-to-steering gear coupling bolt. Slide shaft upward to remove from steering gear. Slide intermediate shaft downward to remove from steering column. Remove column weather seal. Loosen retaining screw and disconnect engine compartment wiring harness.

3. Remove upper motor mount bolt and position mount out of way. Remove ground strap retaining screw. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front tires. Remove tie rod end cotter pins and castle nuts. Separate tie rod ends from steering knuckles. Loosen tie rod end lock nuts. Mark tie rod end lock nut position for installation reference.

4. Disconnect front suspension height sensors. Disconnect oxygen sensor. Remove front and rear catalytic converter inlet pipe nuts. Remove converter outlet flange retaining bolts and nuts. Remove converter support bracket retaining bolt and remove catalytic converter. Remove bolts, nuts and subframe insulator braces. Remove 2 steering gear mounting nuts.

5. Support sub frame using Rotunda Powertrain Lift (014-00765) and Universal Powertrain Removal Bracket (014-00766). Remove rear subframe retaining bolts. Loosen front subframe retaining bolts. Lower support lift. Remove heat shield bracket. Disconnect steering gear connectors.

6. Rotate steering gear to clear bolts in subframe. Pull steering gear left to allow hydraulic line removal. Position drain pan under vehicle.

7. Remove hydraulic lines from steering gear. Carefully remove steering gear through left wheel opening.


CAUTION:There is a check valve located under hollow bolt attaching VAPS pressure block to steering gear. Install valve, dome side up, or
system operation will be affected.

1. Install NEW teflon "O" rings on hydraulic line fittings. Position steering gear retaining bolts in steering gear. Insert steering gear through left wheel opening.

2. Install hydraulic lines to steering gear. Connect VAPS electrical connector. Position steering gear in subframe. Install tie rod end lock nuts and tie rod ends.

3. Install retaining band on heat shield. Attach tie rod ends on steering knuckles. Install and tighten NEW castle nut to align cotter pin slot. Install NEW cotter pins.

4. Raise jackstands until subframe contacts body. Install subframe bolts. Install and tighten steering gear-to-subframe retaining nuts to specification.

5. Install catalytic converter. Attach height sensors. Install wheels. Remove jackstands and lower vehicle. Fill and bleed power steering system.

6. Install secondary steering column boot on steering gear from inside passenger compartment. Install primary steering column boot.

7. Attach intermediate steering column shaft. Align front end as necessary.
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