How do u install a Sonata timing belt

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1. Remove all drive belts. Remove crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley. Remove upper and lower timing belt covers, noting bolt lengths and locations.
2. Turn crankshaft clockwise and align timing marks so No. 1 cylinder is at TDC. Timing marks on camshaft sprockets should be aligned at upper surface of cylinder head. See Fig. 1 . Camshaft sprocket dowel pins
should face upward.

CAUTION: DO NOT rotate crankshaft counterclockwise (as viewed from timing belt end of engine). If reusing timing belt, mark direction of belt rotation before

3. Remove timing belt automatic tensioner. See Fig. 2 . Mark timing belt to indicate original direction of rotation. Remove timing belt.
4. Remove balance shaft access plug from cylinder block. Insert Phillips screwdriver to block left balance shaft. See Fig. 3 . Balance shaft is correctly locked in place if screwdriver can be inserted at least 2.36" (60
mm). If not, rotate oil pump sprocket so screwdriver can be inserted to correct depth.
5. Loosen balance shaft belt tensioner bolt. Remove front crankshaft sprocket and flange. Remove balance shaft timing belt.

Fig. 1: Aligning Timing Marks

Fig. 2: Exploded View Of Timing Belt & Related Components

Fig. 3: Locking Left Balance Shaft In Place
1. Align timing marks on balance shaft sprockets with timing marks on engine case. Install balance shaft timing belt and crankshaft flange. Install crankshaft flange in correct direction. See Fig. 5 .
2. Position balance shaft tensioner so that the center of the pulley is to the left and above the tensioner bolt. Hold tensioner tightly against belt. Tighten tensioner pulley bolt without letting tensioner rotate.
3. To check balance shaft belt tension, depress belt with finger midway between sprockets (opposite tensioner pulley). Deflection should be between .20 .29" (57 mm). If not, readjust belt tension.
4. Place crankshaft sprocket on crankshaft. Tighten bolt to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
5. Ensure screwdriver is still installed through left side of cylinder block to hold balance shaft in place. Install automatic tensioner on engine block with rod locked in place.
6. Rotate camshaft sprockets so dowel pins face upward and timing marks on sprockets align. See Fig. 1 . Outer marks on sprockets should be aligned with cylinder head surface.

NOTE: The same camshaft sprockets are installed on intake and exhaust camshafts. Timing marks are correctly aligned when dowel pin holes are facing straight

7. Align crankshaft sprocket timing marks and oil pump sprocket timing marks. See Fig. 1 . Install timing belt around tensioner pulley and crankshaft sprocket. Hold timing belt on tensioner pulley using left hand.
Pulling belt with right hand, install belt around oil pump sprocket.
8. Install belt around idler pulley. Align timing mark on exhaust camshaft sprocket with top of cylinder head. Pulling belt with both hands, install it around exhaust camshaft sprocket.
9. Gently raise tensioner pulley so belt does not sag. Position timing belt tensioner pin holes so that they face up. Temporarily tighten center bolt. See Fig. 6 .
0. To adjust belt tension, rotate crankshaft 1/4 turn counterclockwise, and then rotate clockwise until No. 1 cylinder is at TDC. Ensure all timing marks are aligned.
1. Loosen center bolt on tensioner pulley. Note location of pin holes in tensioner pulley.
2. Using INCH lb. Torque wrench and Socket Wrench (09224 28100), apply a torque of 22 24 INCH lbs. (2.6 2.8 N.M) on tensioner pulley. With torque applied to tensioner pulley, tighten tensioner pulley center
bolt to specification. See Fig. 7 . See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .
3. Install Set Screw (09244 28000), or equivalent, in left engine support bracket until set screw end contacts tensioner arm. Rotate set screw further until locking pin can be removed from automatic tensioner. See
Fig. 6 . Remove set screw.
4. Rotate crankshaft clockwise 2 complete revolutions. Allow engine to sit in this position for about 15 minutes. Measure distance between tensioner arm and automatic tensioner body. Distance should be .15
.18" (3.8 4.5 mm). See Fig. 8 , Dimension "A". If distance is incorrect, repeat timing belt tensioning procedure. If distance is okay, go to step 17 .
5. If distance between automatic tensioner and tensioner arm cannot be measured easily, use this alternate method. Install Set Screw (09244 28000) until it contacts tensioner arm.
6. Rotate set screw inward while counting number of turns until tensioner arm contacts automatic tensioner housing. Turn set screw 2 1/2 3 turns to correctly tension belt. Remove set screw.
7. Install rubber plug in rear timing belt cover. Install timing belt covers. Install timing belt cover bolts in correct locations. See Fig. 9 .
8. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Apply sealant to contact areas on semi circular packing and rocker cover before installing. Ensure correct bolts are installed in proper location in timing belt
covers. Adjust drive belts to proper tension. Pay attention to timing marks. And if your belt broke you have more than likely bent valves as this is not a fre spin engine. Alot of pics enclosed.
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