1998 Dodge Dakota



October, 22, 2012 AT 12:37 PM

I have a 1998 dodge dakota 3.9l v-6 mag. Here is my problem. My truck is running super rich and it has no power. It won't move over 10 mph.I have had it at 5 diffrent shops that are all dodge certified and they have all done diffrent stuff. The first shop told me the cat. Converter was bad along with the o2 sensors so I had them change all that.. It didn't help. Still had the same problem. The second shop ran the codes and said I needed a tune up and a new tpi, map sensors. So I had them change all that. New plugs, wires dis. Cap button and both sensors. Still no change. The truck still runs crappy. The 3rd shop told me I had 3 bad injectors. So I had them change all 6 of them. Still no change. Still running bad. So I went on to a 4th shop and these guys ran the codes and said there aren't any codes so there can't be a problem.I ask them to run a compression test. They said all 6 cyl. Come back fine. So needless to say. The problem was still there no power and still running super rich and won't excel over 10mph. So now we're at shop 5 these guys told me that it " has to be the throtel body so I had them put a new one on. You guessed it. No change still runs crappy. Super rich and won't excell over 10mph. PLEASE HELP.I"M RUNNING OUT OF MONEY>
I could have bought a new truck but I love this one.


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October, 22, 2012 AT 2:19 PM

Check engine vacuum at idle, if 15" or below suspect clogged converter/exaust. Check fuel pressure. It should be 44-54 psi at idle. If the truck is running rich it should have set a code. Check crank and cam sensors for resistance, they can still go bad and not set a code. We have no specs on that however.



October, 22, 2012 AT 2:23 PM

Was any repairs carried out prior to this occurring? Do you have the initial trouble codes?

Rich conditions can be due to a faulty ECT and clogging of the air filter.

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