1998 Chevrolet Lumina


rosemary jordan

August, 24, 2011 AT 6:16 PM

My car overheated and repairman said that the radiator needed to be replaced, which they proceeded to do $550 for a Lumina 1998.
When I picked up the car I went to get gas and have the oil checked. The attendant said there was coolant in the oil.
The repairman was inconsiderate making it my fault, until the manager said he would put STP gas treatment (free) and do an oil change $30.
I am worried that there is a significantly worse scenario here that there was a leak and they didn't check on it and may lead to more serious matters, possibly my engine just failing.
What are the possiblities? Should they have checked the oil and engine when repairing the radiator? Because if the engine is destroyed it may not have been worth the investment in fixing the radiator. Is it not common procedure to check the engine and oil?


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August, 24, 2011 AT 6:24 PM

Probably miss diagnosed very common for that engine to have either intake gasket leaking coolant into engine or headgasket



August, 24, 2011 AT 6:25 PM

If the car overheated they should have checked everything including the oil if there was coolant in the oil. When you lost your and overheated the engine you could blown a head gasket or cracked the head or block. You need to go back and ask the shop you had it fixed at why there is coolant in the oil and they never checked that or told you about it before they replaced the radiator. They did the repair they cant blame this one on you it was there job to check it out thats what you paid them for right?

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