How do you split the manual transaxle case? I.

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How do you split the manual transaxle case? I can't find a diagram anywhere. The transaxle has been removed from the car and I have removed all the bolts but there seems to be something with the internal gears stopping the two parts from coming apart.
Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 AT 5:45 AM

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1. Remove clutch release bearing. Place transaxle assembly into holding fixture. Remove 7 bolts retaining rear cover assembly to transaxle case. Remove rear cover assembly.
2. Remove 4 bolts retaining control box assembly to transaxle case. See Fig. 1 and Fig. 3 . Shift transaxle into gear. Remove 5th gear drive and driven gear retaining nuts from input and output shaft. Discard retaining

Fig. 1: Removing Control Box Assembly

3. Shift transaxle to Neutral position so detents of shift rails are aligned. Remove detent spring retaining bolts for 1st 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th gears. Remove detent springs and detent balls from cavities. Remove reverse
detent spring and detent ball. Place 5th gear synchronizer in Neutral position.
4. Remove 5th gear shift fork roll pin and discard roll pin. Remove 5th gear synchronizer hub, sleeve, roller bearing and gear with shift fork assembly from output shaft. Using gear puller, remove 5th gear from input
5. Remove 7 Torx screws from bearing retainer. Remove bearing retainer and shims from input and output shafts. Remove bolt retaining reverse idler gear to transaxle case. Remove collar and thrust washer from
output shaft using puller. Remove snap ring from input bearing groove. Remove 14 bolts holding transaxle case together, and separate case from clutch housing. Remove back up switch. See Fig. 2 .
6. Remove reverse gear shift rail snap ring. Pull up on rail until interlock pin aligns with reverse gear shift rail detent. Remove 5th gear shift rail and reverse gear shift rail. Remove reverse idler gear and reverse idler
shaft. Remove roll pin from 1st 2nd shift fork, and discard roll pin. See Fig. 3 . Slide 1st 2nd shift rail upward to clear housing, and remove rail from case.
7. Remove cotter pin and roll pin from reverse shift lever. Remove input and output shafts with 3rd 4th shift forks and rail as an assembly. See Fig. 3 . Remove differential from clutch housing. Remove 4 bolts
retaining reverse shift bracket, and collect 3 interlock pins.
8. Using bearing remover, drive out rear outer bearing races for input and output bearing. Using puller, remove outer races of input and output shaft front bearings.
9. Using slide hammer and puller, remove differential bearing races from case. Remove input shaft seal from housing. Remove clutch shaft seal only when replacement is necessary. Drive out clutch shaft bushing
toward outside of case (if required). Using puller, remove clutch shaft needle bearings (if required).

Fig. 2: Exploded View Of Isuzu 76MM 5 Speed Manual Transaxle
You probably have the sanp ring holding the bearings so it won't come apart.
Was this
Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 AT 3:08 PM

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