Engine stalled check engine light on

  • 1998 BMW 540I
  • 95,000 MILES

Hi I have a 98 540i bmw that I bought about 200 miles away from home ran great all the way home and the next day had a problem staying on, I reset the battery and the check engine light went off but it still died then I cranked it a few more times and now it wont start.

Checked and cleaned o2 sensors the cats were recently replaced before I bought the car but he said they were used so is it possible the cats went bad, also the intake tube (after the filter) weren't properly secured,

Also codes read large vacuum leak were would the "vacuum" be?

Also what is ECM and IAC?

What is cylinder misfire?

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have the same problem?
Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 AT 1:58 AM

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Hi ecm is engine control module [computer] iac is idle air control which is prob due to the vac leak cylinder misfire is a spark plug wire or injector in a cylinder malfuntioning. Most likely the probs are all caused by the vacum leak check all vacum hoses to make sure one has not broken or disconnected. Listen while car is running for hissing noise.

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 AT 2:31 AM

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