Oil temp gets up over half and engine kills in neutral (its manual so clutch too) or if there is no gas given.

  • 1998 AUDI A4
  • 137,000 MILES

I had a chipmunk get caught in the fan that kicks in when the AC is on and this problem began after that. I got the whole chipmunk out I believe and the fan functioned the last time I brought the car into the shop. I can drive 5 hour trips or more without a problem but if I make a few small trips it starts heating up the oil gauge. It will pass the center and get to nearly 2 o clock at times which is 3/4 from C to H. When this happens the engine begins to idle very poorly and eventually kills in neutral at a stoplight or even when I am on the clutch shifting gears. If I can get into 3rd gear im usually good and ill ride that for 5 minutes and the oil temp will return to the center where it should be but if I turn the car off then on again within 10 or so minutes the oil gauge shoots back up to about 3/4 to H again. And the problem persists. It also feels like the engine misfires sometimes in neutral when im in motion and it doesnt kill. I am aware that the right rear speed censor is not functioning properly and this can cause my ABS to turn off. I am getting this replaced before winter as long as the car is going to work. I dont think that these problems are related. Thanks for any help you can give me

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Friday, August 3rd, 2012 AT 8:56 PM

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I would start with a scan for any unresolved fault codes and have the live data checked as well for any abnormal readings that will require further checking.

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Saturday, August 4th, 2012 AT 11:41 AM

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