Can you help with a problem I have in fitting a CD player to sons car

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Hi. I bought a renault clio biarritz 1997 for my son lately and he bought an alba cd player to use in it. I have a limited knowledge of electrics but here goes. From the back of the cd player is a constant live/ switch live / negative and power ariel (which he doesnt have). From the car is a black and green/red/yellow and grey and a yellow and grey and yellow and green twisted together. I believe the wiring should be black and green to black, (negative) yellow and grey to red (switch live) red to yellow (constant live) and nothing to power ariel. This leaves the yellow and grey and yellow and green wires surplus. I have fitted as described but when I turn player on it comes on goes to aux and then swithches itself off. I have put tester or red and it shows 12v constant but no reading coming from yellow and grey (switched live while car off or even when I turn ignition on). No readings from surplus wires. Seems like no feed coming from switched live but would like to know if this is correct and what to do if its not. KIDS! Should have bought him a ped lol. Thanks Geoff
Monday, October 1st, 2012 AT 11:05 AM

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Sorry to say we do not have any information on this vehicle and without the schematics, it would be difficult to help you on this. Your description of the wire color codes are rather confusing so I would like you to list them out this way.

Wire colors by the main color on in and if there are any that has two colors, the one that is bolder (wider) in color is the main and the tracer is the sub color. Eg. Yellow/Red means the main color is Yellow with a thinner line running with it.

Eg. Radio wire colors
1. Black/green
2. Black/red
3. Etc.

Can you do it so I can understand the colors better?
One more thing. With ignition OFF, there must be one wire that is hot, this is for memory.
With ignition ON, there would be an additional wire that is getting battery voltage. Let me know which wire has these.

Wires that are twisted together are usually for the speakers.
Was this
Monday, October 1st, 2012 AT 11:55 AM

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