My Jeep Cherokee Sport 2WD automatic trans has.

  • 190,000 MILES
My Jeep Cherokee Sport 2wd automatic trans has the check engine light on. I have odb tested it (codes p0320, p0700, p0743). I erase the codes and the check engine light with come back on within 1 minute. Retest same codes.

The engine will start and run fine until it gets a little warmed up then will hesitate take off for instance from a stop light. It will hesitate and sluggishly change in second.
If I manually but the car in the first when taking off from stop it will take off fine then I shift back up to drive and all is good.

I took to mechanic to check for me and they came back with sensor problems in the transmission that will require and entire 1600.00 rebuild. To correct because these sensors are apparently inside the transmission and cannot be gotten to without removing the insides of the transmission so it makes sense if taking apart to rebuild.
The check engine light being off is so important for all the obivious reasons but mostly because I need smog to register.

I have read into and it could possibly be one of the transmission solenoids which does require some work but that I think I could do.\

Any help would be awesome because I am at a loss.

Thank you
Friday, October 19th, 2012 AT 6:21 AM

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This is one time you want to get a second opinion. The codes and your description of the symptoms don't match the diagnosis you were given.

You can ignore code 700. That's just telling you there's a code in the Transmission Computer, in this case code 743 which is related to the torque converter clutch. Fuel mileage will be down and engine speed on the highway will be up just a little but the engine will run fine. Code 320 is referring to the camshaft position sensor. Some engines will still run on just the crankshaft position sensor when the cam sensor fails but it won't run right. I'd be looking at that first, then tackle the code 743 if it still comes back. You didn't list the engine size. If yours has a distributor, that's where the camshaft position sensor lives.
Was this
Friday, October 19th, 2012 AT 7:39 AM

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