How do you remove the brake booster?

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How do you remove the brake booster?
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NOTE: When the battery has been disconnected or reconnected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the powertrain control module (PCM) relearns its adaptive strategy. The vehicle may need to be driven 18 km (11 miles) or more to relearn the strategy.

Disconnect the battery ground cable.
Disconnect manifold vacuum hose from power brake booster check valve.
Remove two nuts retaining brake master cylinder to power brake booster assembly and remove brake master cylinder from power brake booster. Secure the master cylinder to prevent damage to brake lines.
Working inside vehicle below dash panel, disconnect stoplight switch wiring connector from stoplight switch. Remove hairpin retainer and outer nylon washer from pedal pin. Slide the stoplight switch off the brake pedal pin just far enough for outer arm to clear pin. Remove stoplight switch. Be careful not to damage stoplight switch.
Remove booster-to-dash panel retaining nuts. Slide the booster push rod and the brake master cylinder push rod bushing off the brake pedal pin.
Inside the engine compartment, move power brake booster forward until the booster studs clear the dash panel. Rotate front of power brake booster inboard (toward engine) and remove power brake booster by raising up until clear.
Place power brake booster in position on dash panel.
Working inside vehicle, install inner nylon washer, booster push rod and brake master cylinder push rod bushing on brake pedal pin. The large diameter of brake master cylinder push rod bushing must not be between power brake booster and brake pedal.
Install booster-to-dash panel retaining nuts. Tighten to 26-34 Nm (20-25 ft. Lbs.). Position stoplight switch so it straddles booster push rod switch slot toward pedal blade and hole just clearing pin. Slide stoplight switch completely onto pin. Be careful not to bend or deform stoplight switch. Install nylon washer on pin and secure all parts to pin with hairpin retainer. Make sure retainer is fully installed and locked over pedal pin. Connect stoplight switch wiring connector on stoplight switch.
Connect manifold vacuum hose to power brake booster check valve.
Install brake master cylinder assembly to booster studs. Tighten to 21-29 Nm (16-21 ft. Lbs.).
Connect battery ground cable.
Check power brake function.
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