What are the correct steps to lift the engine+transmission up?

  • 1997 FORD PROBE
  • 130,000 MILES
Planning to change the piston rings on my ford probe 4Cyl and would like to do this job with a 360 degrees free room, working on this with the engine on the car is a real pain. Can any one provide what to do - do not in order to get the engine assembly + the transmission down on earth?
I have the proper tools mainly the engine lifter.
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Sunday, January 8th, 2012 AT 4:48 PM

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NOTE: On A/T models, remove engine without removing transaxle from vehicle. On M/T models, remove engine and transaxle as an assembly. ENGINE 2.0L 4 CYL VIN [A]

Removal (A/T) Expand/Collapse Index

1. Release fuel pressure. See FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE & FUEL LINE CONNECTIONS. Disconnect fuel inlet and return lines. Disconnect battery cables. Remove battery and tray. Drain cooling system HEADINGS
and engine oil. Remove hood. Remove air cleaner assembly and air ducts. ? ARTICLE BEGINNING
2. Remove accessory drive belts. Remove A/C compressor mounting bolts, and position compressor aside with refrigerant lines connected. Mark and remove vacuum hoses and wire harness connectors as ? ENGINE IDENTIFICATION
necessary. Disconnect engine ground straps. Disconnect distributor connector. Disconnect accelerator cable. ADJUSTMENTS
3. Remove power steering pump mounting bolts. Remove power steering pump and position aside with hoses connected. Remove heater hoses and both radiator hoses. Remove starter upper mounting bolt. Raise ? TROUBLE SHOOTING
and support vehicle. Remove lower engine splash shields. Remove intake manifold support bracket. REMOVAL & INSTALLATION
4. Disconnect starter motor wiring, and remove lower mounting bolt. Remove starter. Disconnect transaxle cooler lines from radiator. Remove transaxle halfshaft bearing support. Remove torque converter access ? FUEL PRESSURE RELEASE & FUEL LINE
5. Remove torque converter nuts. Disconnect oxygen sensor. Remove exhaust pipe and mounting flange from warm up catalytic converter. Disconnect wiring and remove alternator. Remove all accessible transaxle ? Removal (A/T)
to engine mounting bolts. Remove crankshaft pulley. Lower vehicle. ? Installation
6. Install engine lifting hoist. Slightly raise transaxle with floor jack. Remove right engine mount. Remove remaining transaxle to engine bolts. Remove any hoses, wires or components still connected to engine. ? Removal (M/T)
Carefully separate engine from transaxle. Remove engine from vehicle. ? Installation
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