My car experienced a flood on the right hand.

  • 1997 BMW 525I
  • 133,300 MILES

My car experienced a flood on the right hand side from the sun roof which was closed during a heavy raindownpour at night. In the morning I found water under the drivers seat extending to backseat on the same side about two weeks ago. Two days later I noticed anairbag display on dasboard come on whenever car is on. After a week remote opening of the car was refusing, meaning am now manually opening it. 4 days ago the dashboard display housing the speedomter, rave counter, fuel guage does not light up but the instruments are working normally, including the mileage counter or notifier slot inside dashboard which lights up currently. Then the headlamps whose bulbs I checked to be ok are not coming up properly or uniformly. When put in parking, only one lights, in normal beam, or full beam only two or three mulfunctionly light up. Is there a connection to my water infiltration reasoning or a faulty battery or is it a mere case of electrical malfunctioning by a possibly cut wireing by a rodent or something? Please help! DC

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 AT 1:21 PM

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Drowned cars are a nightmare to diagnose, there are modules in the car that have been submerged and it sounds like a can of worms from here. Consider removing the seats and the carpeting to see what damage has occurred.

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 AT 5:54 PM

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