1997 Acura RL



April, 1, 2011 AT 8:00 PM

With the difficulty of replacing a oil pan seal on a 1997 Accura RL should I even try this at home? I was told by three different shops the cost was all labor $550-$750 with only silcone needed rather than a gasket.


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April, 1, 2011 AT 8:31 PM

Book time for replacement of the oil pan gasket is 5.6 hours so the price quoted is within range.

The chances of the oil pan leaking is almost zero as it uses liquid gasket sealer. Reconfirm the source of the leak before attempting to perform job as you might be doing the wrong thing.

For the job, unless you are mechanically and technically versed with sufficient tools and equipment, otherwise do not attempt. Any mistake can damage the engine as it involve the lubricating system.

Hers are the procedures.


1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect positive battery cable. Loosen idler pulley center nut and adjusting bolt. Remove A/C compressor belt. Disconnect power steering switch connector. Remove adjusting bolt, lock nut and mounting bolt. Remove power steering belt and pump. Remove left and right side exhaust manifold covers. Raise and support vehicle.

2. Remove front wheels and splash shield. Remove damper forks. Disconnect suspension lower arm ball joints. Remove axle shafts and
intermediate shaft.

3. Drain engine oil and differential oil. Install drain bolts using NEW washers. DO NOT overtighten drain bolts. Disconnect Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)/power steering speed sensor, but DO NOT disconnect fluid hoses. Remove lower plate from rear beam. Remove A/C compressor.

4. Attach chain hoist to engine. Remove left and right side engine mounts. Remove left and right front engine mount bolts. Place transmission in Park to lock secondary shaft. Remove 36-mm extension shaft sealing bolt. Disconnect extension shaft from differential using
Extension Shaft Puller (07LAC-PW50101). Remove differential mounting bolts and 26-mm shim. Remove differential assembly. Remove engine stiffener. Remove drive plate cover. Remove oil pan and "O" rings, refer to diagram.


1. To install, reverse removal procedure. Clean oil pan and cylinder block mating surface. Apply a continuous bead of Liquid Gasket Sealer (08718-0001) to engine block and inner threads of bolt holes. Apply liquid gasket sealer to bolt threads.

2. Coat NEW "O" rings with engine oil. Install oil pan and "O" rings. Tighten bolts in sequence as specified to 16 ft, lbs (22 N.M). Fill or top off all fluids. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes before filling crankcase with engine oil.

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