1996 Toyota Tamaraw



January, 17, 2013 AT 2:22 PM

Sir, I have Toyota Tamaraw Fx with 7K engine. In 1 month I didn`t try to run my engine and my tank is empty. I only put 6 liters of gasoline and when I try to start, it won`t run. 1 mechanic said it was my IGNITION COIL? I replaced it but I only got 2 terminal, the original has 3 terminal with (B)terminal at the center, + and -. The new ignition coil has only + and -. It is right to put my wiring in one for (B) and + terminal? And my - to distributor? It works, it looks fine but the other day, the other mechanic pulled up the distributor, then he put back, he said it is on the right timing. The engine run but it suddenly stop. He said we must replaced spark plug. Ok, new set, but still nothing happened. It worst than before. Before it only stop when I released my foot on gas pedal, but now it won`t run even I push the starter for a few seconds than the ordinary starting and continuously pumping the gas. Many times he removed and returned the distributor, he always said it was on the right timing. Carburetor cleaned, new ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel pump, contact point, starter, battery, (.22 condenser it is good Sir?) I think he didn't get the right timing. I need your help Sir. Almost 2 weeks of repair nothing happened. What should I replace/repair, my engine, or my mechanic? I need help Sir. Sorry for not donating. Thanks.


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February, 5, 2013 AT 4:52 AM

Did you check if fuel is being supplied to the carburetor, the strainer in the fuel inlet of the carb might be clogged. Cheers.



June, 23, 2014 AT 8:57 PM

Look for another mechanic, first in trouble shooting your 7k engine if electrical distribution failed, check the condenser if the engine start then turn off instantly upon acceleration release of the gas, Ignition coil with 3 pole + B -, the B sign is the resistor, if you change it with two pole coil the coil have a resistor wire you can put the + and B wire in + pole of the purchase coil, now the distributor have a timing order 1-3-4-2 spark plug get a mechanic to open the cylinder head cover to make sure the firing order opening of valve setting is correct the distributor cap attach in will point toward the 1st spark plug. Once it set start the engine, again if it start then a second turn of look for the solenoid assemble connected to the carburator check the continuity of electric in the ignition

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