1996 Saturn SL2


jerry coffey

January, 6, 2013 AT 7:03 PM

Replaced auto trans with salvaged unit out of a 97 saturn sl2. I have reverse and low gear. It will shift into higher gears very quickly when first starting out but then downshifts back into low gear and stays there till I stop and start over again. It shows codes p0732, p0733, p0734

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January, 6, 2013 AT 8:04 PM

The codes are no second, third and fourth gears respectively. The problem lies with the transmission and you should start with checking the transmission wireharness connectors. Ensure they are clean and tight. For diagnostics, you should start with P0834 but since jobs are related, they can be checked at the same time.

Diagnostic Procedure

1. Determine if DTCs P0705, P0706, P0708, P0745, P0746, P0749, P0766, P0768 or P0769 are present. These flags must be eliminated first as a possible cause for DTC P0732, P0733 and P0734.

2. Check actuator operation. See ACTUATOR QUICK CHECK Operation sound of all actuators should be similar.

3. Check pressure regulator valve operation. If line pressure does not change or changes slightly, regulator valve is stuck. Repair as needed.

4. Air check 2nd, 3rd and 4th clutch operation. Repair as needed. If clutch air checks okay, disassembly of transaxle will be necessary to inspect internal components.

5. Cross-channel leaks may cause other clutches to be applied. If PCM detects other gears are stuck on, other DTCs will be present. This may help locate cross-channel leak.

6. If clutch applies and releases, check valve body for damage. If clutch does not operate, check for failed clutch plates.


Test Preparation

Check level and condition of transaxle fluid. Check PCM memory for any stored DTCs. If codes are present, diagnose and repair all PCM related trouble codes. Clear PCM trouble code memory.

1) Using scan tool, verify shift selector readings match actual shifter position. Turn ignition on. Using scan tool, access actuator test in special test menu. Move gear selector as to each gear position. This should cause a specific line actuator to operate. See LINE ACTUATOR SELECT table.

2) If the line actuator is operating, it will audibly operate at a fixed duty cycle for 6 seconds and then click on and off. Clicking will repeat until the next gear is selected or ignition turned off.

3) To check actuator resistance, disconnect actuator connector plate. Using a DVOM, measure resistance at actuator terminals. On all actuators resistance should be more than 4 ohms.



January, 6, 2013 AT 10:17 PM

Hey khlow let me lend my expertise on this one I know these transmissions well. What was wrong with the transmission you replaced?Also having a no second gear code with no reverse issues would be really hard to happen reverse uses the 2nd gear clutch pack and full line pressure So if there is a pressure issue that effects the 2nd gear or there is a leaking clutch piston on 2nd gear clutch reverse will be effected. From the codes the first thing I would do is do a pressure test. At idle with the line pressure fuse in with it out in reverse drive etc. That will tell us a lot.



January, 6, 2013 AT 10:19 PM

So you have no delay bang into reverse?Doesn't take long then to 2 seconds to go into reverse after putting it into reverse?Also how quick the pressure goes up when putting it into reverse and what the pressure reads?



January, 7, 2013 AT 12:24 PM

You are always welcome to join in the fun, Saturntech9. I can always do with an extra head, lol.



January, 7, 2013 AT 5:35 PM

Why thank you khlow I figured since this is my specialty then I would help out.

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