1996 Pontiac Grand Am



October, 21, 2013 AT 1:57 PM

1996 Pontiac Grand Am 4 cylinder 2.4 car stalled was running really rough and firework odor and sounded like a lawnmower and had a exhaust gas smell, low and behold made it home to discover a cherry red catalatic converter and smoke, gave new spark plugs replaced ignition housing because it was cracked gave oil change and replaced catalatic converter, started up engine ran smooth but car still sounded like lawnmower and strong exhaust smell and greyish smoke coming out of tailpipe took around block came back ran rough sounded loud and when got back new converter cherry red again what else could be the problem I forgot to mention there was a slight gas smell and when car was idling it was if it idled up on its own almost like someone bumped the gas petal. And the check engine light is flashing not steady on.


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October, 21, 2013 AT 6:16 PM

A flashing check engine light usually indicates a misfire. You will need to have the computer scanned to identify where the problem is coming from for that. As far as the converter, I have a feeling that the fuel pressure regulator has gone bad and is causing the injectors to dump fuel to the engine. Start by check that and let me know what you find. And yes, raw fuel into the converter will overheat it.

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