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  • 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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I have a 1996 Mitsushi Eclipse 2.0 Liter that shut down as I was coming to a stop off the freeway. It was smoking and smelled like burning rubber and it wouldnt start back up. After looking under the hood I noticed that one of the fans was unplugged. I had it towed home. Now when I try to start it, it rotates but will not start. What could be the problem and steps to take. Please help, Thanks

Friday, November 11th, 2011 AT 11:49 PM

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If your engine cranks but won't start, you have with an ignition problem or a fuel problem. Check to see if you have a snapping blue spark when you ground a plug wire to the block and turn over engine as well as get a fuel pressure reading using a gauge connected at the fuel rail.

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Saturday, November 12th, 2011 AT 8:17 AM

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