1996 Honda Accord



November, 30, 2013 AT 3:25 PM

My Honda Accord is having problems accelerating. Starting from the park position, it backs out just fine. But then when I change the gear to drive, it stalls and takes a couple seconds to start moving forward.

Later when applying gas, occasionally the car just does not accelerate. Then periodically the car will start increasing speed. Then, after I stop on a red light and start trying to move again, the acceleration again stalls and then flares up. The rpm goes to 4000 to 5000 and the car starts making a lot of noise. Despite only going 20 mph. Again, periodically the car will pick up speed and the rpm will settle down. But it is getting worse.

The check engine light came on and the code was P0715.

What should I do?


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November, 30, 2013 AT 7:00 PM

Your problem is related to the transmission. The PO715 indicates a main shaft speed sensor / circuit problem. It could be disconnected, open or shorted main shaft speed sensor circuit, or a faulty main shaft speed sensor. It is located on transmission end case below battery. Check to make sure everything is plugged in properly, clean and tight. If it appears okay, then the sensor is most likely the problem.



December, 3, 2013 AT 6:41 AM

I took it to a mechanic and he claims that there is a transmission problem and the transmission needs to be replaced. However the car sometimes picks up speed to 40-45 mph. Maybe even faster if I tried.

Is it likely that the transmission needs to be replaced given the nature of the problem? This seems like a worst case and very expensive scenario for a car.



December, 3, 2013 AT 8:46 AM

Not being there to drive the vehicle makes it tough for me. I have to say, according to the code you got, it sounds like a sensor issue. You said it works properly in reverse; however, when you place it in drive, it doesn't want to go. That is odd because the same clutch pack is used for reverse and low gear. Since it doesn't slip in reverse, I feel the clutches are good, and the sensor may be the issue.

To be honest, a new transmission is the WORST case. Perhaps you should get an opinion from a different tech before replacing the transmission.

Can you tell me the condition of the transmission fluid? Is it clean and full or is it dirty? Is it low?

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