How do I remove the torsion bars off a 96 Safari.

  • 1996 GMC SAFARI
  • 200,000 MILES
How do I remove the torsion bars off a 96 safari awd
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1. Raise¬ and¬ support¬ vehicle.¬ Remove¬ wheel¬ and¬ tire¬ assembly.¬ Unload¬ torsion¬ bar¬ tension.¬ See Fig.¬ 2¬.¬ Mark¬ adjusting¬ bolt¬ setting.¬ Using¬ Torsion¬ Bar¬ Unloading¬ Tool¬ (J 36202¬ ), ¬ increase¬ tension¬ on¬ adjusting¬ arm.
Remove¬ torsion¬ bar¬ adjusting¬ bolt, ¬ counting¬ number¬ of¬ turns¬ for¬ reassembly¬ reference.
2. Remove¬ torsion¬ bar¬ adjusting¬ nut.¬ Slowly¬ relieve¬ torsion¬ bar¬ tension.¬ Remove¬ unloading¬ tool.¬ Slide¬ torsion¬ bar¬ forward.¬ Remove¬ torsion¬ bar¬ adjusting¬ arm.¬ Remove¬ support¬ mounting¬ bolts, ¬ nuts¬ and¬ washers.
Remove¬ support¬ retainer, ¬ spacer¬ and¬ rubber¬ insulator.¬ See Fig.¬ 4¬.
3. Slide¬ torsion¬ bar¬ support¬ rearward.¬ Slide¬ torsion¬ bar¬ rearward¬ and¬ pull¬ down¬ to¬ remove¬ from¬ lower¬ control¬ arm.¬ Mark¬ right¬ and¬ left¬ torsion¬ bars¬ for¬ reassembly¬ reference.¬ Torsion¬ bars¬ must¬ be¬ reinstalled¬ in¬ same
location¬ and¬ direction¬ as¬ removed.
4. Inspect¬ torsion¬ bars, ¬ adjusting¬ arms, ¬ retainers, ¬ rubber¬ insulators¬ and¬ support¬ for¬ bend, ¬ cracks, ¬ deterioration¬ or¬ damage.¬ Check¬ adjusting¬ bolt¬ and¬ nut¬ for¬ damage¬ or¬ stripped¬ threads.¬ Replace¬ as¬ necessary.


1. Install¬ torsion¬ bar¬ rubber¬ insulators, ¬ spacer¬ and¬ support¬ retainer¬ onto¬ support.¬ Install¬ support¬ assembly¬ onto¬ frame, ¬ slightly¬ behind¬ mounting¬ holes.
2. Install¬ adjusting¬ arm¬ and¬ seal¬ onto¬ torsion¬ bar.¬ Slide¬ torsion¬ bar¬ into¬ lower¬ control¬ arm¬ in¬ original¬ position.¬ Slide¬ torsion¬ bar¬ support¬ forward, ¬ engaging¬ rear¬ of¬ torsion¬ bar¬ in¬ support.¬ Install¬ support¬ mounting¬ bolts,
nuts¬ and¬ washers.¬ Tighten¬ bolts¬ and¬ nuts¬ to¬ specification.¬ See TORQUE¬ SPECIFICATIONS¬.
3. Install¬ adjusting¬ bolt¬ and¬ nut¬ on¬ each¬ torsion¬ bar.¬ Add¬ tension¬ to¬ torsion¬ bar¬ with¬ Torsion¬ Bar¬ Unloading¬ Tool¬ (J 36202¬ ).¬ Ensure¬ adjusting¬ bolt¬ is¬ positioned¬ to¬ setting¬ marked¬ before¬ removal.¬ Release¬ tension¬ on
unloading¬ tool¬ until¬ tension¬ is¬ taken¬ up¬ by¬ adjusting¬ bolt.¬ Remove¬ unloading¬ tool.¬ Lower¬ vehicle.¬ Check¬ wheel¬ alignment¬ and¬ adjust¬ ride¬ height.¬ See WHEEL¬ ALIGNMENT¬ SPECIFICATIONS¬ &
PROCEDURES¬ article¬ in¬ WHEEL¬ ALIGNMENT¬ section.
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