1996 Geo Metro



October, 28, 2012 AT 5:52 PM

How do you change a timing belt on 1996 geo metro with 1.0


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October, 28, 2012 AT 7:22 PM

Remove or Disconnect

Crankshaft pulley.
Retaining clips and engine wiring harness from timing belt cover.

Timing Belt, Tensioner & Camshaft Gear

Seven bolts, one nut and timing belt cover from vehicle.

Timing Belt Alignment Marks

Before removing timing belt, align four timing marks by turning crankshaft.

Timing Belt Tensioner & Belt

Loosen tensioner bolt and stud, and remove belt from crankshaft timing belt pulley and camshaft timing belt pulley after pushing up the tensioner plate fully by finger.

Allowable Turning Range

NOTICE: After timing belt is removed, never turn camshaft and crankshaft independently. If turned, interference may occur among pistons and valves, and parts related to pistons and valves may be damaged.

Remove tensioner, tensioner plate, tensioner spring and spring damper.


Timing belt for wear or cracks. Replace it as necessary.
Timing belt tensioner for smooth rotation.

Install or Connect

Timing Belt Tensioner & Tensioner Plate

Tensioner plate to timing belt tensioner. Insert tensioner plate lug into the timing belt tensioner hole.

Timing Belt Tensioner Installation

Timing belt tensioner and tensioner plate to cylinder block; secure with one bolt and one stud. Do not tighten fully. Check to make sure that plate movement in direction of arrow causes tensioner to move in the same direction. If it does not, remove timing belt tensioner and tensioner plate and reinsert tensioner plate lug in timing plate tensioner hole.

Upper Timing Marks

Check that timing mark on camshaft timing belt pulley is aligned with "V" mark on cylinder head cover. If not, align the two marks by turning the camshaft but be careful not to turn it more than its allowable turning range.

NOTICE: It is possible to have two reference marks on the camshaft timing gear. When properly installed, the camshaft pulley pin should engage with camshaft timing gear Slot No. 1. This will place the timing mark and reference mark "A" at about the eight o'clock position, and reference mark "B" will be aligned with the "V" mark on cylinder head cover.

Lower Timing Marks

Check that punch mark on crankshaft timing belt pulley is aligned with arrow mark on oil pump case. If not, align the two marks by turning crankshaft but be careful not to turn it more than its allowable turning range.

Timing Belt Tensioner Installation

Timing belt, tensioner spring, and spring damper. With two sets of marks aligned and tensioner plate pushed up, install timing belt on two pulleys in such a way that drive side of belt is free from any slack. Then install the tensioner spring and spring damper. Hand tighten tensioner stud only.


When installing timing belt, match arrow mark on timing belt with rotating direction of crankshaft.
In this state, the number one piston is at top dead center of the compression stroke.

Timing Belt Tensioner Bolt & Stud

To take up slack in timing belt, turn crankshaft two rotations clockwise after installing it. After making sure that belt is free from slack, tighten timing belt tensioner stud first and. Tensioner bolt.


Timing belt tensioner stud to 11 N.M (97 lb. In.).
Timing belt tensioner bolt to 27 N.M (20 lb. Ft.).

Confirm again that both sets of timing marks are aligned properly.


Before installing timing belt cover, make sure that seal is between coolant pump and oil pump case.

Timing belt cover; secure with seven bolts and one nut.


Turning belt cover nut and bolts to 11 N.M (97 lb. In.).

Crankshaft pulley.

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