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December, 28, 2013 AT 10:13 AM

Hi I have a 96 dodge and I don't know where to find the EGR valve, was wondering where it is located, and my motor has pressure coming out of the driver side valve cover and pressure coming out of the oil pan dipstick. Was wondering what would cause that the oil pressure stays at 40 the whole time it is running but truck will also not ideal it will die at ideal so I had to unhook some vacuum lines to get it to run. Motor has no knocks no fuel smoke or oil smoke. I bought the truck for $900 and the people said it was losing oil pressure when truck got warm but I had it running for 2hrs last night and oil pressure never dropped, they also said that they changed the motor and put a motor from a 2006 Dayton and just changed the intake on it but motor looks like it has never been taken out


Egr Valve


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December, 28, 2013 AT 10:27 AM

If there was an EGR valve used on that engine, you'll see it shown on the emissions sticker under the hood. It will have a black plastic disc on top of it with a vacuum hose and a two-wire connector.

Excessive pressure in the valve cover is caused by blowby past the piston rings. A cylinder leakage test will confirm that. A compression test will show if the compression is low. A cylinder leakage test will show why it's low. Many auto parts stores that rent or borrow tools will have a cylinder leakage tester. You need compressed air to run it.

There was a common problem in the '90s with the oil pressure sending units reading low intermittently when they got warm. Use a mechanical oil pressure gauge to see exactly what the pressure is. If it starts to go down, the oil pump pickup screen could be clogged or the oil is the wrong viscosity. Use a thicker oil at the next oil change. It's unlikely the bearings are worn because the pressure would have been low after idling for two hours.


2Carpros Max

December, 28, 2013 AT 12:15 PM

I dont think that either a piston is bad or the rings are out, compression is good and it has blow by on every cylinder.




December, 28, 2013 AT 6:12 PM

? Compression is good and it has blowby, but the piston rings are good. Where do you suppose blowby comes from?

Sorry I missed your comment about not idling. I assume that means the engine stalls unless you hold the gas pedal down 1/4". That has a real easy fix. Go out and drive it at highway speed with the engine warmed up, then coast for at least seven seconds without touching any pedals. That will trigger the relearn of "minimum throttle". Once that is learned, the Engine Computer will know when it has to be in control of idle speed. That is lost from memory whenever the battery is disconnected.

Sorry too to leave you hanging for so long. I'm fighting a dying computer that is on its last legs.

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