1995 Volvo 960



August, 25, 2012 AT 4:49 PM

I have 1995 volvo model 960. Last week my speedometer stopped working. I would like to fix myself, but not sure where to look at first. Took to volvo dealer, but they just said it would cost around 800 to fix with no details.


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August, 25, 2012 AT 5:08 PM

Did you get any paperwork from Volvo? If you could find out what Volvo wanted to replace for 800 dollars it would make anwsering this question a lot easier. Otherwise we're going to have to do some diagnosing to find out what you actually need. If you paid for the diagnosis then I definitely would be talking to them about what it needs.


Marco Luxe

April, 28, 2014 AT 12:50 AM

The issue can be the rear wheel speed sending unit or the dash receiving unit. The sending unit can be checked with an electronic mulitmeter. There is a plug junction in the rear of the car. Rig up wires to intercept the voltage signal from the plug. The voltage should smoothly increase with the speed of the rear wheels. If the sensing unit is sending voltage, the problem is in the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster is not difficult to remove, just a lot of hidden screws. Once out, you can test the instrument cluster by applying voltage to the contacts to see if the speedometer responds. [There is a specialty backyard shop for speedometers in West Los Angeles.] You can find replacement clusters from on line salvagers from 100-200$.

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