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1995 toyota corolla dohc efi 1.8L with a single cam pulley for both cams. I have everything I need thanks to you guys to finish this job but I do not know the position the camshaft pulley needs to be in. I know cylinder 1 is top dead center but with it being a single pulley I do not know where the cam position needs to be. I know you do, you got me this far. Oh and buy the way I am a paying customer but my house was robbed so I do not know the name and password to enter so it pulls up all the history. This being a new computer I have lost all my email accounts and passwords. We, (you and I) have been at this for about 1 year. Thanks again
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Installation (1993-97 Corolla)
Ensure No. 1 cylinder is at TDC on compression stroke. Crankshaft woodruff key will be at 12 o'clock position. On 1.6L engine, timing mark notch on crankshaft sprocket will align with timing mark on oil pump housing. See Fig. 1. Crankshaft sprocket on 1.8L engine does not have notch. On 1.6L and 1.8L, hole in camshaft sprocket must align with mark on bearing cap.
NOTE:Engine should be cold when installing timing belt.

Ensure idler pulley (tensioner) is pushed as far to the left as possible and pulley bolt is snug tight. If reusing old timing belt, install belt and align match marks made during removal. Install new timing belt.
Loosen idler pulley (tensioner) bolt and allow pulley to move against belt. Install timing belt guide on crankshaft (dished side facing away from belt).
Install lower timing belt cover. Install crankshaft pulley. Install crankshaft pulley center bolt. Rotate crankshaft CLOCKWISE 2 revolutions from TDC to TDC.
Ensure crankshaft pulley notch aligns with "0" timing mark on lower timing belt cover. Ensure camshaft sprocket timing marks align. If timing marks are not aligned, remove and reinstall timing belt. If timing marks are aligned, final tighten crankshaft pulley center bolt. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
With idler pulley bolt still loose, measure timing belt deflection at midway point of belt longest run.
Deflection should be.20-.24" with pressure of 4.4 lbs. (5-6 mm at 2.0 kg) applied. If deflection is not as specified, readjust tension on belt by moving idler pulley (tensioner).
Tighten idler pulley bolt to specification.
Install upper and center timing belt covers. When installing valve cover, ensure sealant is apply in correct positions.

Install water pump pulley. Install A/C compressor mount to engine. Install A/C compressor.
Install all accessory drive belts. Adjust belts to proper tension. Final tighten water pump pulley bolts.
Install engine mount to timing belt end of engine. On 1995-97 models, ensure engine ground strap is connected to ground wire on passenger side shock tower. Install front wheel and engine undercover. Install cruise control actuator (if equipped).
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