How do I replace the head gasket, step by step?

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How do I replace the head gasket, step by step?
Monday, November 12th, 2012 AT 9:21 PM

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Relieve fuel system pressure as outlined under Technician Safety Information, then disconnect battery ground cable.
Drain coolant system into appropriate container, then remove intake manifold stiffener.
Disconnect electrical connectors, ground wires, vacuum hoses and coolant hoses as necessary.
Disconnect fuel feed and return lines, then remove throttle cover.
Disconnect accelerator cable and transmission throttle cable from throttle body, if equipped.
Remove air intake pipe and pipe bracket, then the cylinder head cover.
Loosen all valve lash adjusting screws fully, then remove timing belt as outlined under Timing Belt.
Disconnect exhaust pipe from manifold, then remove exhaust manifold stiffener.

Fig. 7 Cylinder Head Bolt Loosening Sequence

Loosen cylinder head bolts in order, Fig. 7, using a 8 mm hexagon wrench bit tool, No. 09900-0.0415 and hexagon wrench socket tool, No. 09900-0.0411, or equivalent.
Remove components that may interfere with removal, then the cylinder head with intake and exhaust manifolds and distributor using a suitable lifting device.
Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

Install new cylinder head gasket with side marked TOP facing upward toward the crankshaft pulley side.
Ensure oil jet (venturi plug) is installed and not plugged.

Fig. 8 Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence

Apply engine oil to cylinder head bolts, then using sequence shown in Fig. 8, torque bolts in three steps; first step to 25 ft. Lbs, second step to 40 ft. Lbs, third step to 48-51 ft. Lbs.
Adjust accessory belt tensions, valve clearance, accelerator cable and transmission throttle cable play, and ignition timing.
Ensure there are no fuel, coolant or exhaust leakages at all connections.
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