I wil be driving along and every thing is fine.

I wil be driving along and every thing is fine then all of a sudden my car cuts out a couple of times like its stuttering. Sometimes it completely stalls other times it keeps driving normaly after and it doesn't happen everyday and it only happens at night time. I changed the fuel filter thought it seemed to be running much better then it did it again. I lost my licence for 6 months so it was off the roads for that long could that have anything to do with it?

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Sunday, November 18th, 2012 AT 1:20 AM

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You could have clogged injectors as gas turns to varnish quickly. You should first check the fuel pressure and if it is okay, run a high quality fuel system cleaner. BG44K is about the only one that really works. You will have to go to a car dealership to get it at the parts department.
It costs about $20 a bottle and if tyou have never run a cleaner, get 2 bottles and run 1 per full tank. You might notice that the engine does other odd things as it is cleaning out deposits and sludge. After the 2cd tank run a 3rd full tank before accessing if it helped the issue or not. It will certainly clean your injectors and deposits from the fuel system, but we may have to take it a step further from there.
You have a Skyline in the US? Pretty nice. I have a 1990 Integra DA with a GSR JDM motor in it with a ton of mods. But I wish I could get something as cool as a Skyline. I bet it handles amzingly.
Let me know how it turns out.
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Sunday, November 18th, 2012 AT 3:57 AM

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