1995 Mitsubishi Galant



April, 1, 2011 AT 3:13 AM

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Galant and 2 things I have issue with. I have 1 broken tire stud and a strip tire stud on my passenger side. I notice more and more when I drives my front end is shimmery. Could this be because of those 2 bad studs or could this be other front end parts going bad? And my turn signal isn't working. When I crank my car up my left turn signal just start blinking and won't turn off. I can't get it to work from the right side either. The only way I was able to stop it from blinking from the left is to remove the fuse. Do you have suggestion for this problem. Thanks!

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April, 1, 2011 AT 10:33 PM

With only 2 lug nuts holding the wheel, it is a matter of time before you end up in the ditch, or even worse, if you don't get it repaired soon. It definitely is likely to cause shimmy and would damage the rims.

Have the turn signal switch checked. Seems it is stuck in the left turn position.

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