1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse



January, 2, 2011 AT 7:05 AM

I've had this car for a little over a year, it has more than 190,000 miles on it and it cuts off in the middle of me driving it and sometimes when im at a stop light. If I wait a few minutes sometimes it will cut back on but recently it wont start at all. I've had work done on it dealing with the camshaft and the crankshaft and I just found out that the engine needed to be resealed but I haven't done that yet. All I want to know is what is it that is making my car shut off like this even when I've had these repairs done on it and what it would cost me.


Cj Stalling When Idling


Stalling Out


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January, 2, 2011 AT 1:04 PM

First thing you need to do is to find the source of the engine stalling. It could be anything from a bad ignition switch to the computer.

Have you tried to retrieve for trouble ccodes?
The cost of repairs would depend on what needs to be done. You mentioned the engine requires resealing, what does that mean? Bad oil leaks which requires oil seals to be replaced?



January, 2, 2011 AT 10:39 PM

Would I retrieve the trouble codes through a diagnostic check?
And by resealing the engine I mean there is a crack which is allowing severe oil leaks



January, 3, 2011 AT 3:03 PM

Where is the crack that is allowing oil to leak? What was it caused by?

If the oil leaks are affecting sensors, it can cause stalling.

You can retrieve trouble code with the following procedures.

1. Before entering on-board diagnostics, see SERVICE PRECAUTIONS.

2. Turn ignition on, off, on, off and on within 5 seconds. Record 2-digit trouble codes as displayed by flashing MIL. Go to next step.

3. Indication is made by MIL flashes. A constant repetition of short flashes indicates system is normal.

4. If system is abnormal, signals will appear on MIL as long and short flashes. Long flashes represent tens; short flashes represent ones. For example, 4 long flashes and 3 short flashes indicate Code 43. After recording trouble code(s), perform necessary repair(s) to indicated circuit(s).

Before proceeding with diagnosis, following precautions must be observed: Ensure vehicle has a fully charged battery and functional charging system.
Visually inspect connectors and circuit wiring being worked on.
DO NOT disconnect battery or PCM. This will erase any trouble codes stored in PCM.
DO NOT cause short circuits when performing electrical tests. This will set additional trouble codes, making diagnosis of original problem more difficult.
DO NOT use a test light in place of a voltmeter.
When checking for spark, ensure coil wire is NOT more than 1/4" from chassis ground. If coil wire is more than 1/4" from chassis ground, damage to vehicle electronics and/or PCM may result.
DO NOT prolong testing of fuel injectors. Engine may hydrostatically (liquid) lock.
When a vehicle has multiple trouble codes, always repair lowest number trouble code first.

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