1995 Honda Passport



May, 23, 2012 AT 8:38 PM

My car is still not having an ecm pulse on the injectors and I tested an injector connector with a test light. I connected the test light on a ground and I placed the other on the two terminals separately and both light up. Is this normal because on this I've had my sensor checked. Wire continuity checked. The thing that I tried which I read here from a ford car experience was, I checked the injector connector with a test light and with a ground both sides of the connector light up is this normal. What I read here is that one side should light up and when you put it on the positive side of the battery and place it on the other side of the connector it should then light up but on my one both light up with the negative whilst I have the ignition on. Please help me with this


2 Answers



May, 23, 2012 AT 10:17 PM

Use a noid lite instead of a test lite hook it up and crank engine over the noid lite should be flashing-



May, 24, 2012 AT 12:30 AM

I've tried a noid light and cranked and nothing. The car is almost about to start and just wont start. I use the car with butane also and it starts just fine in butane gas but when I go it doesn't develope strenght and just looses all its power and if I put it on neutral the engine keeps running but no power to go. I try shifting to gasoline whilst it is running on butane but immidiately shuts down since the injectors are not getting a pulse. Please help

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