Engine won't stay running after it was surging

  • 1995 GMC JIMMY
  • 19,700 MILES
My 1995 GMC jimmy starts but dies promptly, I have checked for vacuum leaks and found no defective vacuum lines and the mechanic's scanner will not read any codes, it states that We check the connection and there has been no defects found on the connection. The jimmy was surging and cutting out and after I wiggle the electric lines going to the fuel injector regulator, it would restart, then one day it just didn't start so I had it hauled into the garage and he scanned the engine and it read nothing. I had him check the ignition wires and he changed the distributor rotor which seem to be burned in the center, but still did not start. So I changed out the fuel injector, and while doing I checked the connector and one prong had been blackened as if it had been arcing so I changed out the pigtail and put the intake manifold back along with the attachments. Now, it starts but will not keep running. Shortly after it starts about the time it should be idling, It dies. I have checked for vacuum leaks and changed out the computer because his scanner could not read any problems. Could the problem be in the ignition control sensor or what?
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Sunday, October 9th, 2011 AT 8:47 PM

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Check fuel trims, see if it is running rich or lean. If the scanner showed live engine data, what did the fuel trims show? If the scanner did show live engine data, did all the sensors read normal? Because 95 is a cross-over year, if the data link connector is a hybrid, I can't help you with that type connector.

I didn't look to see about security system?
Was this
Sunday, October 9th, 2011 AT 9:12 PM

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