What would cause my 1995 Chysler Eagle Vision ES.

  • 1995 CHRYSLER
  • 305,000 MILES
What would cause my 1995 Chysler Eagle Vision ES car to not start after driving it to work and after shutting it off it won't start, there were no warning lights that came on nor had I had any other issues with the car proir. I've got no spark at the plugs, would this problem be caused by the coil pkg or crank senor?
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 12:33 AM

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Crankshaft position sensor is a possibility but the camshaft position sensor fails more often. To determine the circuit to be diagnosing you need to see if the automatic shutdown (ASD) relay is turning on. Measure the voltage on the dark green / orange wire at the coil pack or any injector. You should see 12 volts there for only one second when you turn on the ignition switch. What's important is whether that voltage comes back during engine rotation, (cranking or running). If it does not, suspect the cam sensor but check for diagnostic fault codes first. That might tell you which sensor signal is missing. Both of those sensors commonly fail by becoming heat-sensitive, and they act up when the heat from the engine migrates up to them when the engine is stopped. They usually start out as intermittent no-starts and work again once they cool down for an hour or so, but they can fail suddenly too.
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 AT 1:10 AM

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